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Introduction of JC-500B
Date:2017-07-22 10:35 Writer:admin

Machine Introduction

JC-500 series Automatic Blow Moulding and Plastic Sucking Lids Forming Machine are developed by our research and development personnel according to the demand of packing market. In combination with the advantages of aluminum-plastic blister packing machine and plastic sucking forming machine, this machine is a new type product developed in light of phamaceutical standard GMP and food standard QS. This machine adopts a fully automatic flow covering blow moulding or plastic sucking moulding, punching and diet cutting as the special properties of product requires of the users. It is with advanced technology, safe and simple operation, which will avoid the consumption of labor on the manual punching and contamination from the touch with the employee. therefore, the quality requirement is secured during the production. Aligned heating is employed by the equipment, and it enjoys low power consumption, small covering of land and economic, widely used in food, medicine, metal and other industries.

Machine Features


1. Speed reducer, main-rotating connection, main shaft are on line (to decrease driving error) for mechanical transmission.
2. Sensor controls are adopted in pneumatic system .PLC control makes the whole machine run smoothly, keeps synchronous stability during the products are to be packed in multi-labor, long- distance .
3. Main motor variable frequently speed regulating ,the travel adjustable at will, simple and convenient to change the mould, cam traction , stable running .
4. Positive pressure formation in the equipment(Puffing forming).

Machine Application

It is applicable to the plastic ware such as PVC, PET, PS medicine trays , and cup lids themoforming boxes.

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